Fortune 500 Companies Hire Employees To Work From Home

Okay, so the sales tax on gasoline and everything else in the world is going up. The cost of living seems to be going up while the standard of living is going down. Unemployment might have hit a peak not long ago while the housing market still hasn’t been sustained.

All of these events have led to an increase for creativity, services, and a need to create value when earning money. It can be harder to get a standard job, but what if you learned how to create jobs? Some markets disappeared with innovation in technology, but what about new markets? Is there such a thing?

It wasn’t until recently that I realized if anybody was to understand the economy he or she would need to understand patterns and mathematics and I’m not great at either really. To understand business and leadership a person would have to understand society and psychology which are also things I’m not an expert at. At first I wanted to change or re-invent a way to create a market. Then before I passed my entire life away trying to put together a huge puzzle without any productivity an opportunity landed in front of me.

Before I describe the opportunity that befell me let me go back to services and value. Generally businesses provide services or products. Now imagine a lot of Fortune 500 Companies employing “telecommuters” (people who work from home). I mean large companies like Jet Blue, Intel, Cisco, and Yahoo employ a large number of employees to work from home. So the idea of working from home is very possible many markets today especially sales.

Here’s an example of major companies hiring people who work from home:

Companies | % of people working from home employed

Cisco | 90%
Baptist Health South Florida | 88%
Accenture | 81%
Teach For America | 80%
Intel | 80%
World Wide Technology | 70%
Pricewaterhouse Coopers | 70%
Ultimate Software | 50%
Perkins Coie | 45%
American Fidelity Assurance | 40%

*This number is an estimate from 2012*

What do you think about working from home? A lot of people might think of it as a joke or maybe a dream, but just like anything else there are some pros and cons.

Here are some common pros:

You Don’t Have To Worry About Commuting
Reduces the cost of fuel
More Time Available To Spend With Family
Those Without Children Can Spend Time On Exercising And Other Hobbies
Can Boost Productivity
Set Your Own Schedule

Here are some common tips to be successful if you want to work from home:

Set Up A Routine
Stay Organized
Maintain Regular Contact With Colleagues
Let Friends And Family Know When Your Working At Home Or Just At Home
Treat Your Office Like A Real Office
Don’t Get Distracted By Personal Matters
Wearing Nice Clothes Will Bring A Level Of Psychological Professionalism
Keep A Clean House And Work Area
Eat Healthy

Now back to the opportunity that befell me…

So a friend told me he was working on a project a while back. It was supposed to be some big website where people can make money. Of course people would be able to make money from home and I told him I loved the idea, I’d help in any way I can, and to call me when the sites ready, but I’ll keep in touch.